4Gamers Playstation 2 gun

4Gamers Playstation 2 gun

4Gamers Playstation 2 gun


4Gamers Playstation 2 gun

For Sony Playstation 1, PS1, PSX & PSOne and also Playstation 2 PS2 – for use on CRT type TVs (not LCD, Plasma, and Projectors) made by: 4Gamers has Playstation controller port and USB connectors


Time for another rebuild

Time for another rebuild

Time for another rebuild

New blue shell fitted, bullet buttons fitted alloy blue thumbsticks fitted transforming D pad fitted cleaned and serviced think it looks good


Finished !!

Playstation SCPH 1180 controller

shoulder buttons evolution

shoulder buttons evolution the middle being scph 1180


SCPH1180 Note the non rubberised and  dished thumb sticks (concaved)


This is a Dual Analog Controller of all Playstation controller more than likely one of the rarest general sale controllers being only available for 3 months Not to be confused with a dualshock controller In addition to the standard digital mode and the regular “red LED” Analog mode, there is a third mode that emulates the layout of Sony’s own PlayStation Analog Joystick, and is indicated by a green LED. This feature is missing on the DualShock. Sony decided that vibration feedback would be removed from the European and American versions of this controller. According to a Sony spokesperson, “We evaluated all the features and decided, for manufacturing reasons, that what was most important to gamers was the analog feature


Playstation Move

PS 3 move

PlayStation Move navigation controller

Playstation Move

Playstation Move controller wand

PlayStation Move was a motion-sensing game controller, first released for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) video game console. Based around a handheld motion controller wand, PlayStation Move uses inertial sensors in the wand to detect its motion, and the wand’s position is tracked using a PlayStation webcam (PlayStation Eye for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Camera for the PlayStation 4). First revealed on 2 June 2009, PlayStation Move launched in mainland Europe and most Asian markets on 15 September 2010, in Australia on 16 September 2010, in North America and the UK on 17 September 2010 and in Japan on 21 October 2010. Hardware available at launch included the main PlayStation Move motion controller, a supplementary PlayStation Move navigation controller, and an optional PlayStation Move charging station.[6] It competes with the Wii Remote Plus and Kinect motion controllers introduced with the Wii and Xbox 360 home consoles, respectively.


Although PlayStation Move was introduced on the pre-existing PlayStation 3 console, Sony stated prior to release that it was treating Move’s debut as its own major “platform launch”, with an aggressive marketing campaign to support it. . The tagline for PlayStation Move from E3 2010 was “This Changes Everything”, including partnerships with Coca-Cola, as part of the “It Only Does Everything” marketing campaign which debuted with the redesigned “Slim” PlayStation 3.


In 2013, Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4, revealing that the console would support PlayStation Move, providing greater tracking precision via the PlayStation Camera, a depth-sensing stereo camera.